Mary Dosek Performance Horses


Mary is an accomplished horse trainer located in beautiful southern California. She primarily competes in Reined Cowhorse, but she is as well rounded as they come. Though Mary had been training for years, she was struggling with visibility on the internet. The social media page she was using to promote her business wasn't cutting it.

Mary Dosek Design Board.jpg

Our solution was a brand that is as fun and quirky as Mary is herself. After talking about her business goals and aesthetic tastes, it became clear that Mary is a fan of a certain flavor of retro. And thus, her vintage cowgirl theme was born! We created a straightforward logo, the iconic "sliding stop" manuever performed in Reined Cowhorse and a mix of real photographs and vintage graphics.

Her website allowed her to articulate her training philosophy, which is to make "happy, healthy horses who are willing to work." How great is that?

Mary's website was a joy to put together and has increased her visibility considerably.