JT Jones Performance Horses


James Tyler Jones is a horse trainer based out of Albuquerque. JT is a competitive reiner and most impressively, endurance racer. He and his horses will go as far as 100 miles in a race! JT's barn has a threefold training program. Endurance, Reining, and Colt Starting.

When I spoke with JT about his aesthetic the keyword was balanced and he had in mind a turquoise and black color theme. I created a symmetrical logo in the style of a cattle brand. Using his initials: J T J - I was able to create something fun and hopefully a little bit cowboy!

JTJones Logo Turquoise

The design board pulls inspiration from turquoise and the desert sky. Because JT works in and loves The Land of Enchantment I wanted his site to evoke southwestern vistas, the open outdoors, and highlight his hard work. He is a tough cowboy after all!

JT Jones Design Board.jpg